5 best sweets in Greece

by Francesco, from Italy.

  The first Greek cakes, which we have information that are the sweet offered to the Gods. It seems that almost every god had a favorite sweet: donuts in a crescent shape were offered to Artemide, sweet with honey and sesame were eaten at parties in honor to Dioniso and sweet shaped “lira” were dedicated to Apollo . The honey was the main ingredient, accompanied from sesame, almonds and walnuts and still today the cakes are rich of these ingredients!


 Baklava is a simple and delicious traditional Greek dessert made of walnuts, filo dough and honey syrup. Is possible to find this sweet in different versions, also with almonds and pistachios instead of nuts. A tasty journey begin with the first bite.


 Galaktoboureko is made with phyllo dough and semolina cream, covered in syrup with orange zest. Originally, the galaktoboureko was the typical dessert of the Carnival. It could, therefore, be enjoyed from January through March. In summer you can enjoy with a vanilla ice cream scoop.


  Typical Greek sweet, the melomakarono has the shape of the egg. Is made with flour, olive oil and honey, stuffed with semolina, sugar, orange zest or cognac. Generally this dessert is prepared at Christmas time.


  A Christmas treat again, kourabiedes, these biscuits crescent shaped are made with a light pastry, filled with almonds. They are mixed with brandy and flavored with vanilla, after cooking in the oven are covered with a lot of icing sugar.


  Fresh and creamy dessert, the risogalo is perfect in the summer days as a snack or as a single meal, if served in more generous portions. It is made with rice , milk, vanilla and most of the time topped with cinnamon.
An explosion of taste and freshness !