Greek Universities vs Polish Universities

by Mikolaj ,from Poland.

  When I came to Greece, I did not know how many things would be surprising for me. I thought that there would be only a few differences between Poland and Greece because they are both in the EU. We should have common standards, right? No, I was wrong.

1.    In Poland, using e-cigarettes inside buildings is considered inappropriate. If somebody starts smoking inside, an alarm would ring and fire trucks would arrive in a few minutes.
However, in Greece, you can smoke everywhere. Yes, even inside school cafés.

2.    There is really good coffee in Greece. You can find a barista who will prepare a latte or a frappe (this one is very popular here) for you. Where? Everywhere. No self-service coffee machines or instant coffee with milk. I like it. To begin a day with good quality coffee means to begin the day well.

3.    A lot of students in Thessaloniki complain about the older buildings where their classes are held. Ok, a majority of them are old, but they still have good style. I have started to like them after only a few days at the University. There are a lot of posters and graffiti on the University walls. It is charming.

4.    It is said that society is very divided in Poland if we look at the supporters of the two main political parties. However in Greece, the people are even more divided based on politics. I have never seen a fight between the Polish students at university. I knew there was a hard situation in Greece, but I did not guess that I would see Greek students in action. There was supposed to be a fight between the Greek communists and fascists, but don’t worry, the fights are isolated and don’t occur often.

5.    Everyone knows about the economic crisis in Greece. It is the reason why a lot of young people want to leave Greece behind them and immigrate to other countries after they graduate. Greek students say there are no job opportunities for them in this country.

6.    In the end, it is very comfortable to be a student in Thessaloniki. There is no free food for university students in other countries. If you are hungry, you can go and eat lunch in canteen. If I want to eat in Poland, I have to go to the market, prepare everything, cook, and wash the dishes. I would like to be a Greek student.