5 best Greek drinks

by Francesco, from Italy.


  Ouzo is a dry distilled high alcohol content (40-50 degrees) produced from a base made up of grape must, whether fresh or dried and anise. It is drunk as a refreshing and aperitif .The origin of the name is uncertain. Agiasos and Plomari on the island of Lesbos, are by many considered to be the capital of the ouzo. The preparation begins with the pressing of fresh grapes and raisins. During fermentation it is added to the mixture of base other berries and herbs. The strong aroma that distinguishes the ouzo comes from the presence of anise, but other common ingredients include licorice, coriander, cloves, angelica root, mint, fennel, hazelnuts, cinnamon and cedar flowers .


  The retsina is a Greek table wine, white or rosè, which owes its name to the distinction of being flavored by the addition of Aleppo pine resin mosto. The resinous wine was already being prepared in the ancient Greece. In ancient time, the jars in which the wine was stored had to be sealed because the wine was not in contact with the air and the purpose was used a resina. Then they began to add to the wine the same resin, so as to produce a kind of protective veil on the surface of the must in fermentation. The retsina became so well the Athens wine par excellence.


  Name of a classical and traditional white grappa of Greece, especially widespread regions of Thessaly, Epirus, Mani, Macedonian region, but also in the island of Crete. It has an alcohol content of about 40-45% by volume, and is distilled from pomace of Greek grape varieties. It is usually a pure grappa (white), sometimes is flavored with anise or other fruits.


  Metaxa is a Greek cognac. To get this drink using three different grape varieties (Sultana, of Corinthe Savatiano and grapes). Once the distillate is left to develop their own flavors in Limosino oak barrels for a minimum duration of three years. It adds to the moscato grape brandy (Samos and Lemnos), the essences of rose petals and a secret number of aromatic plants. Then gets back this new mixture in a barrel for a period of one more year. Before bottling, Metaxa passes many days at a below zero temperature, is filtered and is finally bottled.


  Kafenion is the Greek Café. For the Greeks, coffee time is a real rite, enjoying talking with quiet or playing checkers, cards, or one of the many games of tavlin!