Thessaloniki:Many stories, one heart

The city of Thessaloniki


The second largest city of Greece and the largest Greek university town. Located in the heart of Macedonia, situated by the sea. With 29 Museums and 15 UNESCO Monuments and a gastronomic paradise. And – wait for it- it is under the 15 sunniest cities around Europe!

Aren’t these reasons enough to add a trip to Thessaloniki on your “to-do” list?

You can fall in love with this city by its unique mosaic of different cultures and civilizations, its beauty with the fusion of the old and new parts. Although largely rebuilt in modern style, Thessaloniki still retains its famous white Byzantine walls, the 15th-century White Tower and a Venetian citadel.

The relaxed city vibes, history and culture, the remarkable multicultural cuisine and the wonderful vast sea views makes the city ideal to experience a great travel adventure and fall in love with.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Thessaloniki is a City full of secrets, both day and night. By being one of the biggest student communities in Greece is an ideal destination for students and as an Erasmus destination, is the city that never sleeps!

From art and theater performances, cinemas, music concerts and cultural events to flea markets, street parties, festivals and events, this city will amaze you!

Every day you spend in Thessaloniki, is an opportunity to create your own unique travel story and the best memorable experiences. Book a ticket, grab your cameras and become the next story of this heart that beats in Thessaloniki!