Chalkidiki trip

by Mikolaj ,from Poland.

  It is as clear as daylight that Thessaloniki is the best place to visit and to see cultural monuments. If you had been in the city and had found two free days, it would to be a sin to not visit a beach. There are no beaches in the city, but do not worry, a paradise is only two hours from Thessaloniki.


  A trip from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki is not too expensive, the drive is really simple and there should not be any problems, if you have a good driver.

  1. Renting a car is a good solution because buses are not cheap enough and it is hard for them to bring you to a specific destination. It costs about 75 to 100 euros per car, so if you could to split it with your friends, it would be the best. It is better if the driver is at least 23 years old, because the insurance deposit is cheaper. 

  2. The price of a good hotel next to the beach is about 20 euros per person per night if you have a large group and you call early to make a reservation. We were in Vourvourou Hotel, next to the market, with a big parking lot and easy access to the beach. You should know that there is the equipment to make some BBQ, which you can use. There is a boat rental company too, if you like kayaking.

  3. You have to keep in mind some safety rules, because there are a lot of stones on the beach. It is beautiful, but can be dangerous too. Your safety is still the most important! You have to take sunscreen with you, because the Greek sun can give you a lot of fun, but can still burn you (and trust me, being burned is not fun). You also have to keep in mind that it isn’t a good idea to swim after drinking alcohol.

  4. It is a good idea to bring your own food and drinks, because the food trucks are not the healthiest, tastiest, or cheapest solution. There are the two markets in Vourvourou city with good prices, so you do not need to take your food from Thessaloniki.

  5. There are a few beaches that we visited. Every beach is different and every beach is charming, it is helpful to use a car!


I am reminding you about bringing sunscreen and I wish for you to have nice trip!