Spoon sweets
Greek yogurt with fruits
Ekmek kataifi
Greek yogurt with honey and nuts

 Thessaloniki is a place filled with flavors, textures and aromas in every corner of the city.
A variety of traditional, gourmet and street style recipes that suits every taste.

 What about the sweet side of Thessaloniki?
 Well... building on the famous bougatsa and trigona panoramatos, Thessaloniki has taken the sweet scene to a whole new level.

 Prepare your taste buds and take a walk in the city, explore the bakeries and sneak into multiple patisseries. One bite and you will travel all over Greece.
 But first…let’s take a taste!


  Sweet bougatsa (or bougatsa with cream) is a staple street food or snack. It can be found virtually everywhere and is made with large handmade phyllo sheets buttered and folded over multiple times before the creamy custard filling is added. Served warm with a sprinkle of cinnamon and powdered sugar, bougatsa goes perfectly with a warm cup of coffee.

Diples (Fried Turnover)

   Diples (meaning fold) are a traditional dessert made from thin sheets of dough. These are rolled into thin strips, cut into rectangles then folded while being fried in hot oil. Once they have cooled down, the sheets are then dusted with cinnamon and ground nuts and drizzled with honey.

Trigona Panoramatos


  Trigona Panoramatos are handmade browned pastry sheet that is dipped in the syrup as needed to be sweetened and stay crisp. Rich cream, made from whole milk and fresh eggs. The taste wins your heart and the memory of them remains in time. Sweet secret, one is never enough.


   Tsoureki is a sweet (holiday) bread made with flour, yeast, milk, butter, eggs and sugar and commonly seasoned with orange zest, mastic resin or mahlab. One variation commonly called "Easter bread" is made by Greek communities during Easter. In Thessaloniki is an everyday enjoyment as a breakfast or a snack. You can find tsoureki even at super markets. Don’t forget to buy some for presents.



   Melomakarona cookies are simply delicious. No – scratch that – they are divine. These soft cookies are dipped in honey or syrup and covered with grounded walnuts. Mostly served during the Christmas holidays in Greece, melomakarona are decadent and scrumptious cookies everyone should have once in their lifetime...