Fall in love with Thessaloniki

by Francesco, from Italy.

  Before I visit a new city, I don’t usually gather information about the country I'm going to. This is maybe not normal for you, but I love the adventure. I want to judge the new things only after seeing them with my own eyes. Therefore, before I arrived to Thessaloniki I knew just three things: that it is situated in the north of Greece, that it is the second largest  city by population (after Athens) and last but not least the football team of the city is PAOK.
So, when I got off the plane I noticed with pleasure the Mediterranean climate (maybe a little hot), and the first thing that I thought of was that I hope there will be a sea close by!   So after I got some rest, I took the bus to the city center: first I saw Aristotelous Square and after that  “Paralia”…


  That was enough for me to fall in love with Thessaloniki!    

  The Aristotelous Square is huge, it is always full of people who go there for a coffee, an ice cream or to have dinner at the best restaurants in the city! The Paralia,  is a wonderful seafront  which extends for about ten kilometers. The seafront is excellent for walking, relaxing, running or cycling for those who love doing sports! In the middle of Paralia stands the magnificent “White Tower”, Thessaloniki’s most important  monument and the symbol of the city.

 Thessaloniki has the perfect size for me, not too big, not too small. Currently I live in a neighborhood close to the city center, that only took ten minutes to get to Kamara by bus. From Kamara I could walk by foot everywhere!  The people of  Thessaloniki complains about the failure to complete the work for the underground, but  I find the bus service very efficient. You can even check in how many minutes your bus will arrive, with an app on your smartphone! Personally  I don’t think that this city really need a “metro”.

  Being a university city, Thessaloniki never sleeps, cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs are open daily and are ready to satisfy the demands of the customers. Organized crime is almost absent, you can walk at night around the city, without feeling any kind of fear.

  What I love most about this city, is the lifestyle,  they can talk for hours when they eat and when they drink coffee, it seems like they can stay at the place for the whole day, everything is very slow paced. Enjoying one coffee can make you loose track of time.

Thessaloniki is the ideal for me, a perfect sized city, with great climate, the sea nearby, the vivid nightlife and the relaxed pace.

I could  easily live the rest of my life here !!