Food in Thessaloniki

by Chaitany Arora, from India.

Laughter is brighter in a place full of food, as a proof just take a look at Thessaloniki’s restaurants.
One of the most common thinks to do here is to spend some time at one of Thessaloniki’s restaurants having some food, drinks and depending on your choices you could enjoy live Greek music.
Well…lucky you Greece has Mediterranean cuisine, one of the healthiest cuisines, that can please everybody needs.
You can start your meal with a Greek salad that is made by tomatoes, cucumber, onion, pepper and feta cheese seasoned with salt, Greek mountain oregano and of course dressed with olive oil.
For those who cannot resist meat, next up in the list is Souvlaki. Pieces of chicken or pork on skewers, grilled and seasoned appropriately. It is usually eaten directly off the stick or served with onions, tomatoes and potatoes as that’s the best combination. Souvlaki is a type of food that you can have anytime you want cause it’s so delicious you just can’t have enough of it.
Talking about meat we can’t ignore Gyros. Made up of pork, chicken or lamb cooked up on a vertical rotisserie. It is usually served in a flat bread known as pita and is topped with onion tomatoes and potatoes along with ketchup and mustard but you also have the option of having it topped with other sauces like tzatziki or mayonnaise. Gyros is available not only in Thessaloniki but all over Greece and is eaten fondly by everyone.
How can we forget about Tzatziki sauce, usually served as a dip with gyros and souvlaki. Based of yoghurt, salt strained first then cucumber, garlic and dill. The perfect sauce for grilled meats and fishes.

At the last all I would like to say is that Thessaloniki is a heaven for all the foodies out there and if you come to Thessaloniki and do not try the amazing food be sure that you will miss some great adventures.