Going to Mount Olympus

by Wilma Leskinen, from Finland.

  Why the Olympus Mountain, you ask me? Well it is only one of the most known mountains in the world. I want to feel the breeze of mystical winds and I want to stand on the same ground as the all-mighty Greek gods. Back to the reality, I sincerely want to see why this mountain is the stage of the ancient mythological happenings. Also I feel like hiking could really clear up my mind and to reset my thoughts. Here is my plan, I hope this will help you plan your trip to the magnificent Mount Olympos; (Side note: thank you to my Greek friends for helping me with the websites and reservations)


  Taking the bus from Thessaloniki to Litochoro takes around 1h 15min. When you come to a roundabout step off and take a taxi. It should not cost more than 50€ for a 4 person taxi, up to Prionia. The hike to the refuge takes 2,5h-4h, depending on how fast you want to go. The Spilios Agapitos Refuge A has 110 beds, but make sure to book yours in advance! The refuge can get crowded during the high-season! The next day begins with walking up to the very top! Well almost the top… Skala is the second highest peak, right after Mytikas. Mytikas is only 10 meters higher and much more difficult to go to. You might need a guide for climbing up there! Skala on the other hand is totally safe to walk to without professionals. When you’ve had enough of the astonishing view, the walk to the root of the mountain begins. This time I would suggest for you to walk all the way down to Litochoro, because there is a lot of beautiful flora on the way that you missed going up with the taxi! From the village hop on the Thessaloniki bus and in a little over one hour you are home!




Day 1

8:15 Bus from KTEL Makedonia

9:30 Arriving to Litochoro

9:45 Taxi from Litochoro

10:30 Arriving to Prionia

Hiking to Spilios Agapitos Refuge (4h)

Night at the refuge

Day 2

Hiking to Skala (3h)

Enjoying the view

Walking down to Prionia

17:15 Taxi to Litochoro

18:30 Bus from Litochoro

19:45 Arriving to KTEL Makedonia


Budget ( = 42€)

16,50€ Bus

12,50€ Taxi (for 1 person in a 4 person taxi)

13€ Accommodation

Hiking is TOTALLY FREE (well you need shoes, but otherwise…)