Greek School Education

by Francesco, from Italy.

During my early days here in Thessaloniki, I visited four universities, two of which were public and two were private.                                                                                                    

Being Italian, the Greek public universities seem like another world. About public universities, i have been at AUTh: “Aristotle University of Thessaloniki”, and at  UoM :  “University of Macedonia”.

  The first difference compared to Italy is that the education here is absolutely free. In Italy, we pay more than one thousand euros a year for tuition. If we have to stay all day at the university, we should bring a sandwich from home because we don’t have a restaurant or cafeteria on campus. The library is open only for eight hours a day for six days a week and we don’t have a sports center on campus.
Here, in Thessaloniki, after passing an admissions test, the students have access to the university and all of its services: for example, the library is opened for twelve hours a day during regular school days and  twenty-four hours during the exam period. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week for free!  Furthermore, the students can use the sports center by paying a small annual fee of fifteen euros. Their sports center is extremely large because it has three football fields, one volleyball court, one basketball court, one handball field, and one large gym. Fantastic!

  Certainly there are also a lot of things to improve. Some buildings are crumbling , the toilets need to be upgraded, the students smoke everywhere and posters crowd the walls. These characteristics ruining the school’s image of being a place of culture !

  About the private universities, I visited  “Metropolitan college” and “City college”. The schools are located in a strategic position, near to the center of the city. Compared to the public universities, the private ones are very organized, clean and welcoming! The students pay a fee around three thousand euros per year and the courses can be conducted entirely in English.
In Italy for the same type of private education, the minimum cost of tuition is tens of thousands euros a year! Also in this case, the Hellenic universities offer a more economical and convenient education!