How to spend a night in Thessaloniki

by Angela, from Canada.

20:00 – After an amazing day of exploring the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, it’s time to grab some food to rejuvenate yourself.

If you are looking for something more affordable, try out Pizza Chris for delicious slices of pizza for only one euro each. Maybe you want something a little bit more traditional? Try out my favourite place for gyros, Xristos. Well... maybe you’re not sure for what you want? Don’t worry, there are plenty of authentic, affordable, and delicious options in Navarinou Square and Aristotelous Square and also along Egnatia and Tsimiski Street.

If you have a bit more cash to spend and you are looking for a fancier meal, try out a restaurant.

22:00 – Now that you’ve satisfied your stomach, it’s time to head back home to shower and get ready for an amazing night out.

23:30 – To guarantee yourself an incredible experience, you should head over to Valaoritou Square. It’s considered to be the central hub for students to go for bars and clubs. Fast Drink is extremely popular, with one shot of liquor selling for only one euro. It also has a great space inside for those that want to dance. Trap, Project, and The Black Sheep are livelier bars with enough floor space to dance and great English music. These three have been a favorite of the international and local students alike. Some other recommendations include Monkey Bar, Dogs, and 8ball Club. All of these are located within a 10 minute walk from each other, so take your time, and pick whichever one you prefer. And if you change your mind, don’t forget that another bar or club is just a short walk away. There is definitely something out there for everyone, whether you are looking for a relaxing bar or lively club.

03:30 – Now that your night is starting to wind down, it’s a perfect time to sneak in a quick snack before heading home. A common Thessaloniki tradition is to end a night out by eating bougatsa, a sweet cream-filled pastry that always hits the right spot. If that doesn’t appeal to you, many crepe and pizza shops around the city center remain open to satisfy your cravings.

05:00 – If you’re tired, it's a good time to head home to sleep. But, it’s also worth it to head on over to the White Tower or Old Port to watch the sun rise over the beautiful city and sea. After a busy night, the quiet and calm of the early morning is a great way to ground yourself. It’s a reminder of how grateful you should be to be near the mountains, water, and sun all at once. And when you’re ready, you can head on home.

Remember that these are only recommendations and that you are free to spend your night however you wish to. Regardless of where you start or end off, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time in a beautiful city, surrounded by incredible people.