How to survive a week in Thessaloniki in just 30€

by Chaitany Arora, from India.

  Thessaloniki is a place where you will spend a lot if you are not kept in check because the shops are so tempting and they deliberately display each and everything on the outside, so you are attracted towards to buy a lot of things. But if you want to survive in Thessaloniki and still save some money, you need to have a budget plan and great adaptability skills. Now you just have to worry about the adaptability part because I've got you covered in the budget area. Here is a list of things you can do if you want to spend the least and survive in Thessaloniki.

1.Buy the essential items from the supermarket rather than buying them from the regular shops.

  When buying household items, a supermarket is your best friend because it has the cheapest rates available in the city, for example a loaf of bread is worth 1,63€ which will last a week or so even if you have it daily for breakfast. Now that you have bread you need something to put over it so you can get merenda (a Greek version of Nutella) for 1,79€ or you can get some cheese for 1,57€. Then you can get other food items such as milk (0,97€), a Pack of 6 cans of soft drinks (1,89€), eggs (1,39€), juice (1,39€), sausages (1,99€), a pack of chips of 150gm (0,89€), a pack of 10 slices of cake (1,59€), 50 gr pasta (0,38€). And the best part is all of that is just for 15,45€. The prices mentioned here are subject to change every week so be sure to check the online brochures before you go shopping.

2. Cook at home as much as you can instead of going out to eat as you will save a lot of money

  If you go out to eat, then you are bound to spend 5 to 10 euros per meal as the aromas of the amazing food will tempt you to eat all that you can but you need to keep a strict check on yourself that you won’t spend much whenever you are going out to eat.

3. Find cheap spots to eat and drink

  You need to find cheap spots to eat and drink but don’t you worry as I said earlier I got you covered, so I am providing you a list of shops where you can get meals just for 1 or 2 euro. First of all, comes the pizza shops that offer a slice of pizza for just 1€. These pizza shops are located all over Thessaloniki you can find in Kamara (named Caza Nova) and many around rotunda. Then comes the kantina’s which offer souvlaki, soujukaki and other meats in pita of sandwich bread, with onions, tomatoes and potatoes topped with your favorite sauces and the best part is the price of these foods vary from 1€ to maximum 3€. Now for the alcohol lovers instead of going in the bars and getting overpriced alcohol you can just buy the drinks from the kiosks or supermarkets as a beer is worth 0,80€ whereas you get the same beer for around 4€ to 5€. Retsina is around 2,20€ at the kiosks and cheaper at the supermarkets.

4. Explore the city.

  Last but not the least you should explore the city on your own and find new and maybe even cheaper and better places to eat and enjoy. 
Live the experience of Thessaloniki!