Move around the city

  Thessaloniki, with one of the longest promenades in Europe, makes transportation very easy since every road is parallel to its seafront, so the chances of getting lost is like non. Take a car, grab a taxi, ride a bicycle, get in a bus or a boat and move around the beautiful city enjoying its lovely view.


By bus

  The easiest way to move around Thessaloniki is by bus. You can get your ticket inside the bus or at a local shop. Tickets are very cheap with special prices for students.

Get in a bus, validate your ticket and you are ready to go!

For more info please visit or download their app.

By taxi

 Thessaloniki’s taxis are moving all around the city ensuring a comfortable and fast arrival to your desired destination. They are blue in color with a white top and are available 24/7. The minimum tariff is set to 3,44 € but you probably pay more if you have your luggage with you.

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By bicycle

  For those who want to keep fit and enjoy the lovely sunset renting a bike downtown the city is a good, cheap and alternative way to move around. From the crowded streets of the city center, the seafront and the White Tower all the way to Menemeni and Perea get ready to cycle your way through Thessaloniki’s most exceptional landscapes.

Check renting bike companies here and enjoy your ride!

By boat

 During summer time you get that feeling of getting a boat and getting far away. Thessaloniki can do that for you without having to travel for miles and spend any additional money! Take the boat and visit nearby beach destinations such as Peraia and Nei Epivates. Grab your sunglasses, a cold beer and enjoy the lovely view.

For more info visit here .

Hop on Hop off bus

 Hop on to our open buses and visit the numerous monuments! Hop off in any of the 8 different stations and visit the local attraction of your choice.

Learn everything about the history of your visiting site with free commentary in 8 different languages and enjoy the spectacular view. 

You can’t miss the chance to see all the interesting places in a very reasonable price, can you?

For more information, take a look here !

On a boat bar

 Interested in seeing the city from another perspective? To pair your cold beer with a panoramic view of the seafront, take a booze cruise around the Gulf of Thermaikos. These boats moored near the White Tower take short trips down the waterfront, blasting R&B and pop music as they go. No entrance fee, you just pay for your drink!

Pirate costumes optional!