Must See and Do

  Thessaloniki is a place where you always have something new to do or try. From art and culture to interesting districts, themed routes, sports and other activities.

Travel experience doesn’t stop there! 


  The main museums of Thessaloniki are Archaeological Museum and Byzantine Museum. Of course if you want to experience the historic side of Thessaloniki you can always explore the themed routes of the city, like Roman Route, the Byzantine Route, the Jewish Route, the UNESCO MONUMENTS Route. For a “tipsy” experience, you can explore the Wine Route.


  If you are an active person and want to enjoy yourself by doing some kind of sport, you can find something that will definitely keep you occupied. From learning the history of sports in Thessaloniki to playing a sport of your preference like tennis, football or swimming.

Follow the link, to learn about Olympic museum of Thessaloniki. 

And remember, if you like the adrenaline, Thessaloniki can provide you something extreme that will satisfy you.

Fun for all

 The city can provide you with alternative activities like Escape Rooms which are located everywhere in this city. Different kind of events like music concerts, gastronomy events, exhibitions and festivals make the city entertaining that it will never let you to get bored.

  Thessaloniki is a great city for young people who love to shop. Shopping malls filled with department stores and the shopping districts make this city the ultimate shopping paradise. Everything is at a close distance so you can compare the quality and prices for your benefit.

On two wheels

 It is a known fact that Thessaloniki doesn’t have a metro, local people even make jokes about it but there are other ways to transport in the center like renting a bicycle. You can even find family friendly bicycles to enjoy the ride together.You can get a bicycle at many central locations all over the city, especially to the seafront. You can access the system by issuing the bike electronic subscriber card or with your ID to a bike kiosk.


 What makes this city easy to fall in love with is its neighbors, each one is unique, full of life, colorful and vibrant, calling you to explore their beauty.

By day a city full of activities, historical places to visit, enjoying the sun by walking to the port and a world class gastronomy which will impress your tastes.

By night, the city that doesn’t sleep will make you have unforgettable memories with a huge variety of places to enjoy. The festive vibes and streets full of young people make this city worth experiencing its nightlife.