My experience in Thessaloniki

by Chaitany Arora, from India.

  Right before giving my semester exams I was given the amazing opportunity to volunteer as an intern in Thessaloniki, Greece. I was thrilled and excited, I asked my parents for the permission and then after my exams I flew to Thessaloniki. This was my first trip abroad and I was travelling alone so I was excited but I had a little sense of fear in me too as I had no clue to what had to be done and where I had to pass through in order to reach my destination. I reached Thessaloniki on 27th may 2018 at around 8:15 pm, I was picked up by the members of AIESEC. They were happy and they greeted me well. The first thing that shocked me was that the sun was still up even though it was 8 at night. From there we went on to my host’s place. My host was very welcoming and instantly invited me to go out along with them.

  Thessaloniki’s atmosphere has like a party vibe in it, even though I had been travelling for the past 24 hours I was not at all tired to go out. Whereas I would have just hit the bed if I would have been in India after such a strenuous day. So we went out and partied I came back home at around 3 am. The next thing that astonished me was the night life like even though it was 3 am most of the people were in the clubs or streets partying and chilling. 

  Next day I woke up late as expected and my roommate was not at home as she had gone to work. I texted her and she told me to "come over",  she had also sent her location. I did not have a sim but I still said yes. I knew nothing about the place or where to go still I went out of my place and got into the bus. But as life had planned for me I got into the wrong bus so I panicked and got down on a random station.

  I was cursing myself for coming out of the house because I could not contact with anyone and on top of this it started raining. I didn't know the language so I couldn’t read any of the signs but then I saw a guy walk past me, I showed him the location and then he showed me the exact direction and guided me through. So eventually I reached the location but I got lost like a few more times and each time I could rely upon a stranger to guide me through as they are very helpful and kind.

  The things I love about Thessaloniki is that first of all its amazing people who have only one motto, to enjoy each and every moment to the fullest they are, in no hurry to complete things. Secondly the weather here is also great during the summers, it rains occasionally just to make the city look even more beautiful. Then comes the amazing sea side, although people have polluted it but still if you take a walk by the sea after a long tiring day you will feel the highest degree of peace and calmness. The next best thing is the lip smacking food available here. I am a foodie so I have tried each and every food item available in Thessaloniki be it sweet or salty, from gyros to trigono, from souvlaki to bougastsa. 

  At last,  all I would like to say is that this city is the best place for the youth because you can enjoy your life to the fullest here. Overall this trip was a life changing experience for me because I got to know new people, try new food and live a life independently.