Nature oasis around the city

Mount Olympus, Pieria

  Standing tall approximately 80 km from Thessaloniki, the mighty Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, located on the border of Macedonia and Thessaly. It is a very popular destination for both tourists and locals due to its flora and fauna and its canyons which are also available for cannoning and other activities!  There are buses and trains from Salonika to Katerini from where you can take a local bus to Litochoro and reach Mount Olympus, so don’t hesitate to pay a visit! Greece’s highest mountain and the realm of the 12 Olympian gods promise you a divine experience!

Mount  Athos, Halkidiki

  Mount Athos  is a mountain and peninsula and the important center of Eastern Orthodox monasticism. Mount Athos, commonly referred to as Agion Oros, is the 3rd finger of the Halkidiki Peninsula. This independent monastic State is strictly forbidden for women, and only welcomes men, offering a spiritual experience for everyone who desires to discover its treasures. Easiest and cheapest way to reach the final destination is by taking a bus to Halkidiki and from there take next bus towards Ouranoupolis, the gateway to Mount Athos. 

Pozar Thermal Baths, Pella

  Pozar Thermal Bath is located in the district of Pella. It lies about 110 kilometers from Thessaloniki. This impressive site features hot springs, natural pools and rivers with thermal waters (at 37 °C) plus a network of natural and artificial waterfalls. With a variety of treatments available, Pozar is a top destination, especially if you wish to combine it with other activities such as skiing at the nearby resort, or simply enjoy the nearby forests. Take the bus from Thessaloniki and get ready for a lazy and relaxing weekend!

Fragma Thermis 

  A nature oasis only 20 minutes outside Thessaloniki. Peaceful, quiet and relaxing place. Perfect for a picnic or coffee. Wear your sports clothes and go for jogging or just lay down and enjoy the sun and the fresh breeze!  Don’t forget to bring bread to feed ducks and turtles! 

Vermio Mountain

  The thicket of Agios Nikolaos is a Pan-Hellenic tourist center of recreation and daylong excursion which is located about 3 km south-west of Naoussa. An earthly paradise in the heart of Imathia. Sixty acres of spectacular ground take life from the sources of the historical and multiply precious river of Arapitsa. In a close distance stands also the ski center "Pigadia", one of the most modern ski centers in Greece with completed installations for tourist-athletic skiing, not to mention the city of Veroia which is only 20 minutes away.