Greek Coffee

Non - Alcoholic

Greek Coffee - Elliniko Cafe

  The most popular Greek drink is the Greek Coffee. Greeks will drink this for breakfast, during the day whenever they have a break, or catching up with friends, mid-afternoon, or any occasion that calls for a break and a coffee. It is a thick beverage, the coffee is a coarsely ground powder, brewed with the water, creating a small froth on top.

Iced Coffee - Frappe

  Frappe - Iced Coffee is one of the popular Greek drinks, especially in the warmer months. In the last 10 years as coffee shops around the world have become big business and are now doing iced coffee drinks, Greece was making Iced Coffees for years before. 
Frappe is a very popular drink among young Greeks, probably because of the price, who would all meet up at a local cafe for a couple of hours, slowly sipping their Frappes. 


Tea - Tsai

  Be sure that you can find black tea  in Greece although it is not so popular as it is in countries like England and elsewhere. It would be more usual for Greeks to drink black tea with lemon, rather than with milk. Herbal teas are quite popular. In fact, herbs are grown and used in Greece as much for their medicinal value as for their culinary uses.

Believe it or not herbs can do miracles

Soft Drinks & Fresh Juices

  You can find all sorts of soft drinks in Greece these days, Coke and Lemonade, Lemon drink - Lemonada, Orange Fanta - Portokalada - which are made in Greece. Not only popular to young people, when Greeks don't want to drink alcohol they may have a soft drink, perhaps with a meal. Other Greek drinks are Orange Juice made from freshly squeezed oranges, pomegranate juice, fresh made lemonade and seasonal fresh juices and smoothies as well.