by Francesco, from Italy.

Places to visit near Thessaloniki

  If you are at Thessaloniki and if you have already visited the main monuments , the museums and the characteristics Orthodox churches , I advise you not to leave the city before spending at least one day at Meteora and minimum a weekend in Halkidiki.


  Is possible to arrive at Meteora from Thessaloniki in two and half hours by bus. It is a place truly suggestive, in the heart of Thessaly region, is from 1989 UNESCO World Heritage site. A place surrounded by nature, between mountains of bizarre shapes, on whose top in the XIV century Orthodox monks built monastery in order to defend themselves by Turkish attack. Twenty-four monastery were built, but actually just six of them are intact and inhabited in which respecting a specific dress code can be accessed. The word Meteora literally means in Greek , META: "among" and AER: "hanging in the air , in the heavens" . This is the visitor’s impression when facing the monasteries, it seems to be suspended in the heavens!


  If it were possible, I would put a poster outside the airport of Thessaloniki with the inscription: “ do not let Thessaloniki before visiting Halkidiki”. Halkidiki is a peninsula located northeast of Greece.

  Five-hundred and fifty kilometers of white beaches, lapped by clear blue sea, approximately one hour from Thessaloniki. Halkidiki is formed by three peninsulas, like three legs that stretches towards to the northern Aegean sea.


  The peninsula of Kassandra the westernmost, it is ideal for anyone who not only wants the transparent sea but seeks more comfort and a lively night life!


  It is the central peninsula, the wildest. Land sparsely inhabited, with a wonderful landscape, pristine, with sandy caps worthy of the Caribbean, with colors that fade from light green to dark blue. I recommend this peninsula for all who seek a refuge from frenetic rhythms of daily life .

Mount Athos

  Finally the easternmost peninsula. As beautiful as inaccessible, since is inhabited exclusively by monks, living in monasteries overlooking the sea. Unexplored by women, while a men need a special permit, the only way to freely admire its magnificent monasteries is a boat trip!