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Parks and Nature

Looking for a place to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the nature and serenity of the city here are some of the most enjoyable parks in the town.

Thermi Environmental Park

Thermi Environmental Park used to be a landfill, located on the east side of the city, that has been transformed into a place for recreation, information and sports. The green space, covering hundreds of acres has a playground with colorful wooden constructions, football field, basketball and tennis court but also a lot of free space for walking and running. In this park you will also find a wide variety of plants such as shrubs, trees, flowers and aromatics.

Pedion Tou Areos or Anthokomiki Park

Just a few minutes outside the urban center of Thessaloniki a breath of nature is waiting for you at Anthokomiko Park. The plants, the trees, the fountain and the turtles (oh yes there are so many turtles) give a special beauty to the park. You can also enjoy your coffee or grab a snack at the soda fountain.

Botanic Garden of Stavroupoli

Photo from Δήμος Παύλου Μελά

The Botanic Garden of Thessaloniki occupies an area of fine acres in Ano Ilioupoli. It hosts 1.000 species of Greek flora, native and foreign. The is an enclosed area internally organized by routes, which allow the visitors to observe the plants closely and to have access to the specially designed areas. Playgrounds, a soda fountain, an amphitheater and sport facilities surround the Botanic Garden.

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