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Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Let us introduce you Amok from Yakuza Dirty Roses a street artist, tattooer of dirty roses, polygonal lover, illustration artist, engineer of materials, graphic designer.

We had the chance to share some thoughts on his artwork in Thessaloniki and his contribution as an artist in general.

Artist or street artist?

-Both occasionally I think...

A lot of people consider street art as a vandalism, what is your answer about that?

-I can’t blame anyone. Everybody has an opinion for everything. I like good street art and I despise both bad art and bad street art. It was something that happened by accident. My best friend back in the days I was in high school was doodling all the time “ tagging” in his notebooks and it caught my curiosity in such degree that it can’t stop till today..

Most of the cities don’t provide enough space for street artists to express, as a result most of them do it illegally. How risky is this and does this underground profile of artists become part of street art culture?

-There is something we must explain here. Street art supposed to be part of graffiti. Graffiti on the other hand supposed to be illegal because its roots where based on illegal activities (according to use authorities) of black and mostly poor people that were trying to make a statement and at the same time to have some fun back at 80s in Bronx area. Now. If someone wants to make a living cause he has the possibility to make something beautiful it’s up to him to decide it. Some cities that embraced this activities only gained from this. It will still going to happen whether or not the cities are going to help the street art to happen…

How did Thessaloniki inspire you for your art?

-Every place has people. Unique people. I had the chance to be surrounded by little miracles. It is just your way of perspective. I have my eyes and heart opened all the time. That’s all… You can find inspiration everywhere. These days that are called the crisis days I find inspiration in poor people that still struggle with a smile and to people that trying to help immigrants without second thoughts. They are my heroes. They are my hope.

What’s your point of view about street art culture in our city?

-It has lots of individuals that are awesome in what they do. It would be great if there were just more areas to paint and interact with public.

Artists that inspire you?

-Jamer, apset, dirty roses crew, my crew yakuza and every single one that paints…

How you would define street art nowadays?

-The same way I would define it back days. It is not an easy issue. I cannot say there is a single answer for this, but I think that street art and street artist should be more into politics and should try more to inspire people. You know…. we all want a better place to live but everything starts within you.

Tell us a few things about your artwork, future plans and what messages you want to pass through your art?

-My art is usually polygonal but I m trying to keep it fresh and trying to evolve all the time. Mostly I m doing it for my fun and because I just love it. I don’t have any plans. I just want to keep doing my life the way it is. Painting smiling hoping travelling and painting some more J

Beside street art what else would you like to share with us?

-There are lots of things I would like to share. Art is everywhere. Art is in kindness. Art is in hearts of people. When we communicate without borders is art. Do you need a dictionary to understand paintings of artists from other countries? No I’m proud of graffiti writers and street artist cause they think global. There is no border in their minds. The more restrictions and borders you put in your heart the lesser you see in life…be artistic people… art.

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