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Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Meet ApSet, a Graffiti writer and artist /from Greece (Thessaloniki)/ graphic design/ sculpting/drawing /designing theme parks around Greece/an independent artist and dealing with artistic decorations, illustrations, projects, murals, exhibitions, etc. Organizing member of ‘SAF’ Street Art Festival Thessaloniki and a member of ‘Urban Act’ artistic team, while at the same time I am studying at the department of visual and applied arts, of the School of Fine Arts, at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Artist or street artist?


A lot of people consider street art as a vandalism, what is your answer about that?

-Graffiti is a lot of things together and contains a lot of elements. What describes better graffiti is creation, expression and freedom. Everyone can judge by its own criteria, there is where the magic starts.

How did you come up with the idea of becoming a street artist?

-From my childhood I had a tendency in drawing. The times, friendship and my life soon or late would lead me in the same path. It was a one-way choice. It “saved” me, it showed me the way first to find myself and after the steps to communicate.

Most of the cities don’t provide enough space for street artists to express, as a result most of them do it illegally. How risky is this and does this underground profile of artists become part of street art culture?

-This was and will be the base of its temperament. 8th UNWTO International Meeting on Silk Road Tourism in Thessaloniki, Greece It started as an illegal activity and will remain there. Is a part of the streets for the streets and the base will always remain there, inside or outside the urban scene. The legalization of some spaces conducted to the evolution of the quality of projects because there was plenty of time to complete it.

How did Thessaloniki inspire you for your art?

-The song “ime apo do” or “27/7” from “anapoda kapela-boreia asteria” it could not describe better the city scene and the influences it had to me. The images, the smells, the night and its rhythm. “i am from here and I get inspired and live, whatever I have lived happened here”.

What’s your point of view about street art culture in our city?

- For many years and mostly from the middle 90’s and after, our city, had contributed with a huge impact on the way and evolution of graffiti all over the country. Thessaloniki was a significant pole of attraction, collaboration and exchange of style the way of thinking between artists all over the country and the world for the next years. The 1995 was a critical year when was the first real meeting between graffiti artists from Athens and Thessaloniki to the playing field of Hili’s. From the west to the east, till the end of the 90’s, the “crews” have been expanded with rapid rhythms. In the middle of 1998 started my own occupation with graffiti and the participation to AGB’S, with 2G’s crew, based in the city center to neighbors like “kouskoura” and “ilisia”, to “zone”, metropolis etc.

A fact about us was that first we were friends and after a crew with base in hip hop culture. All the guys back then we were involved with a lot of elements, some were graffiti artists, other mc’s,dj’s, b-boys, skateboarders and some others were just friends that join the crew. To the following years Thessaloniki showed off a lot of graffiti artists and artists to a “legal” or “non-legal” world scene. There where organizes numerous worldwide festivals in high-scale, like MOS (Meeting of Styles) and SAF (Street Art Festival). We had and we have a lot of thing to give…history to be continued.

How you would define street art nowadays?

-Street art, graffiti, mural art, signs, slogans…in general I am not very good at putting titles, what I know is that we all share the same canvas and in the end of the day everything have to do with communication and the freedom of speech.

Tell us a few things about your artwork, future plans and what messages you want to pass through your art?

-My work is a mix of techniques, painting, graphic and other. I was never interested in one way of writing or painting, I always wanted to explore new techniques and new ways to express as honest as I could, correctly and effortless my subject. My subjects vary depending on the mood, the space and the time.

I usually use hidden messages and I am interested in creating second or third thoughts to the audience while reading and ending to different conclusions. To the near future, one of my goals is to complete the faculty of fine arts in Thessaloniki with my thesis and at the same time to stay creative with main purpose some exhibitions and some big wall arts inside and outside of the borders.

Beside street art what else would you like to share with us?

-The rhythm of our times and the electronic devises, threaten concepts like fantasy and dreams. Let’s use them wise and will set us free, if not, for sure they will slave us. Nowadays it requires hard work to keep our heads up…

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