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Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Skitsofrenis is a Self-taught artist. Full-time Graffiti / Street, often pen/pencil abuser, also part-time a photographer, originated form Kalamata, Greece

He has visited a lot of times our City with a number of street art featuring on Thessaloniki’s walls, also he has participated on Thessaloniki Street art Festival.

We had a small interview to get to know him better by sharing some of his thoughts and experience into street art. Enjoy!

Artist or street artist?

- I prefer the word Artist because the street is just one of my exhibition areas.

A lot of people consider street art as a vandalism, what is your answer about that?

- I think sometimes vandalism is about the absence of harmony. I have seen '' vandalized'' areas to be much better than the original design was. Even in my hometown, Kalamata, in the beginning people treated me as a vandal but when they saw my work quickly accepted everything and for them it was not vandalism anymore.

How did you come up with the idea of becoming a street artist?

- Just by luck. In 2008 (October) i was given the opportunity to paint with spray cans for the first time in order to communicate about environmental messages to Kids though a mural. When the project was completed i was in love with the spray cans and very intrigued with the power of the image.

Most of the cities don’t provide enough space for street artists to express, as a result most of them do it illegally. How risky is this and does this underground profile of artists become part of street art culture?

- It has become deadly many times beyond risky. Urban painting involves vanity, danger and requires the purest and deepest motives.

How did Thessaloniki inspire you for your art?

- I was invited years ago by the guys that created the Street art Festival Thessaloniki at the Helexpo area. Since then i have visited again for the same Festival and a few more times for commissioned work on walls. Thessaloniki inspires just by the name, no wonder so many of us keep on coming back to create in this city.

What’s your point of view about street art culture in our city?

- Well the fact that it is really a culture. There are organized tours for Street art seeing, new murals pop up every now and then. You have embrace that thing as something daily vital.

Artists that inspire you?

- Banksy, B. D Foxmoor, Goya 8

How you would define street art nowadays?

- I see signs of '' viralism'', my fellow artist are creating catchy viral themes so they can be famous in one night Even if the creation is garbage. That is a disease that could lead to death.

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