Sunrise at  the castle

by Chaitany Arora, from India.

  It is said that “If you want to be reminded of the love of the Lord, just watch the sunrise.” So in order to have this experience first-hand I wanted to visit the castles during the sunrise but unfortunately me and my friends could not make a concrete plan to go to the castles. So on one Friday night we were out at the port, just having drinks and chilling, it was 3 am, we were returning back home and suddenly a girl said "I wished to go to the castles to see the sunrise" then I suggested "why not now let’s go" and then everybody agreed. So we checked the time of sunrise and thought what to do till that time, so we went back to my place to charge our mobiles and take a short nap.

  So at 4:15am we left my place to walk to the castles the temperature of the previous days was quite high around 30C so we thought let’s wear summer clothes as it will be hot. The weather was amazing a slow breeze was blowing it was all good and cool while we were walking up the castles. It was like the wind was blowing away all our fatigue from the night and we felt refreshed just by walking. 
  At around 5:15 am we reached the castles finally and the weather completely changed, strong cold winds started blowing at high speeds and the temperature dropped to 20C in just an hour. We were not expecting it and we all were shivering with cold. We all hid among-st the rocks to prevent ourselves from the cold and waited for the sun to rise. At around 5:45 am the sky turned orange and it was a mesmerizing sight to watch. 

  Then slowly the sun started to peek from in between the mountains just as we used to draw in our drawing when we were told to draw a scenery. The sun looked spectacular it was like a red ball of light that was radiating positive energy all over. The clouds looked like pink flamingos when they were illuminated by the light of the sun. 
This was the best experience I have had in my life it was like the nature was indicating me to go get up and do something better with my life on the new and beautiful day.