The city of the youth

by Mikolaj ,from Poland.

  When you spend some time in Thessaloniki it is easy to notice that it is full of young people. There are a lot of graffiti and tags everywhere. You can see posters wherever you go. The youth in Thessaloniki still seems to have competition about who is more creative. I think creative is very good word to describe these people.

  It is not surprising for me that Thessaloniki was chosen as the European Youth Capital in 2014. Thessaloniki is full of cultural events. For example there are: International Film Festival, Beer Festival, Thessaloniki HIP HOP Festival, Street Are Festival, The day with the colors, International Documentary Festival, Reworks and a lot of more.

  One walk in AUTH is enough to see many smaller events, organized by students for students. There are dance lessons, concerts, movie shows etc. Especially, The Universities take care about Greek students. There are things like unlimited entrance to the gym or dance lessons that does not cost too much.

  At first sight, the Greek youth is very active in a political matters. When I came to Thessaloniki, there were the elections to the student council. In Poland the elections are not very important but in Greece it is very serious. The whole University  was full of advertisements about political parties.

  During the night, it is enough to get walk cross the Ladadika street to find out this city never sleeps. This place is full of people who drink, eat and dance together at  restaurants, pubs, clubs and in the streets. It does not matter if it is Wednesday or Saturday. You can see them everyday.
One fact is very noteworthy, students organize parties at the University. The quality of these parties is not the best, but you still can have great fun with amazing Greek students. You have to keep in mind that they love dubstep. You should be prepared for it.

  If you are an active person, you will love this city and the young people there.