Top five songs

by Mikolaj ,from Poland.

  Walking with a guide or with friends is nice. Especially in a city like Thessaloniki. A guide can tell you about the city and you can have an amazing time with your friends for example in Ladadika. Sometimes staying alone, putting headphones into your ears and loosing yourself in the streets is worth it.
I prepared a list of my favorite Greek songs, which can help you to feel the atmosphere.

1.    Pasxalis Terzis - Dikaioma Mou
Terzis is a famous Greek singer, who was born in Thessaloniki, actually in the suburbs. Greeks have different opinions about him, young people do not like him, but older people love him. The Greek spirit is very interesting to me and I can feel it in this song.

2.    Goin' Through - Poso malakas eisai
I think it he the most famous rapper in Greece. It is enough to say “Poso malakas eisai” and everybody knows which song you mean. It is classic Greek rap. It is a good idea to walk across the streets of Thessaloniki, explore interesting graffiti and listen to Goin’ Through.

3.    Zorba Dance - Mikis Theodorakis
Mikis Theodorakis is one of the most important composers in Greek music. His songs are a national treasure in Greece. When I listen to this song, I can see a sea and port in my mind. This is most Greek song on my list.

4.    Mamma Mia - Lay All Your Love On Me
I know it is not a Greek song, but everyone who has seen the musical „Mamma mia”, knows what I mean. This musical is especially important for me, because I was acting one of the fathers in my high school’s show. This list is very subjective.

5.    Ta ladadika - Mitropanos

Mitropanos was one of the singers responsible for taking Greek laika music to the world and his voice – one of the most recognisable in Greek music – was adored by all that heard it.