Traditional  Food

greek Salad


  Moussaka is one of the most famous dishes in Greece. A layered oven casserole dish made with potatoes, eggplant and meat sauce, topped with a thick béchamel sauce. Don't forget to accompany this dish with Greek fete cheese ! 

Go ahead, indulge yourself to this little sin...!


 If you haven’t tried Greek Pastitsio (sometimes spelled pastichio) before, then you are certainly missing out! Pastitsio, is a Greek baked pasta dish with luscious layers of juicy minced beef that are cooked in a tomato based sauce, with pasta and creamy béchamel sauce, all this baked together until golden perfection...

Simply irresistible!


  Saganaki is an appetizer of Greek cuisine. Essentially it is fried cheese, usually gruyere or kefalotyri, but you can make it with formamela or feta as well as the Cypriot halloumi.Variations can be made by adding additional ingredients, such as shrimp, mussels etc. while it can also become flambe. After the frying it is usually added lemon. Appetizers accompany ouzo and generally alcohol spirits.


  Perhaps the most symbolic preparation of Greek cuisine, creamy cucumber salad, yogurt, garlic and dill can be eaten on its own as an appetizer or in combination with other courses as a sauce.

Greek Salad

  One of the most copied salads  in the world. The original version wants the ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, olives, feta, onions and oregano.

All seasoned with plenty of oil, an explosion of freshness!
Greek tip: dip some bread in the leftover oil!